Jasper Electoral Board Overrules Nominating Petition Objections


Published on January 15 2013 9:24 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Education Officers Electoral Board for the Jasper Unit 1 School District Monday overturned objections to the nominating petitions of three candidates for the Jasper school board.

Candidates Andy Pullen and Jed Earnest had filed objections to the nominating petitions of candidates Mandy Rieman, Holly Farley and Donald Leventhal.

Prior to Monday evening's meeting, Pullen withdrew his objection to Rieman's petitions.  The Electoral Board then overruled the objection made by Earnest to Rieman's petitions and to Leventhal's petitions and Pullen's objection to Farley's petitions.

The objections lodged by Pullen and Earnest dealt with leaving information off the petitions as much or more than incorrect information on the petitions.

The Electoral Board was made up of Board President Fred Huddlestun, Board Secretary Melinda Barthelme and Board member Anthony Richards. 

Initially, Board member Gordon Millsap was to serve on the Electoral Board as the longest-serving Board member not the president or the secretary of the Board.  Millsap is also a candidate for re-election, though, and he told Jasper Superintendent Dan Cox he felt his participation on the Electoral Board could leave the wrong impression, and that's when the School Board agreed to Richards serving in Millsap's place.

The Electoral Board will reconvene Thursday at 5pm to issue a written decision on their findings.

Election Day is April 9.