North Clay School Board Sets Fees


Published on May 15 2012 4:15 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

North Clay school board members Monday set book rental and fees for the coming school year.

The Board set fees of $42 for those in Grades K-8 and $55 for high school.  Superintendent Monty Aldrich explained that, in the past, the district had a fee at the high school, then other fees for particular classes.  The amounts set Monday would be a flat fee for each of the four years, based on the past years' numbers.  The flat fee will exclude Driver's Education and athletic fees.  The Board also set July 24-25 as school district registration dates for the coming school year.

The Board amended the current fiscal year budget to reflect changes in expenses for the renovation of the high school heating and air conditioning system.  A hearing on the budget change is set for the Board's June meeting.

In personnel moves, the North Clay board authorized principal Julie Healy to serve as acting superintendent when Aldrich is out of the district for periods of at least one day.  Also, Steve Burgener was granted leave for the first week of the coming school year and Lindsay Lash was granted leave for the entire coming school year.  Also, Rachel Thompson's resignation as USNC sponsor as of the end of the school year was approved, along with Crystal Ballard's resignation as assistant junior high girls basketball coach, David Skelton as junior high assistant boys basketball coach and 5th and 6th grade basketball coach as of the end of the school year, Jason Lewis as high school assistant boys basketball coach, and Danny Lake as junior high assistant baseball coach.  The Board hired Cathi Bailey as grade school secretary, Jody Aldrich as special education coordinator, Janelle Thompson as junior high cheerleading sponsor, Travis Mulvaney as head junior high boys basketball coach and assistant junior high baseball coach, and Jason Lewis as junior high assistant boys basketball coach.  Also, Gean Hembree was moved to an 11-month custodian position, and Gina West and Murray Cooper were hired as substitute bus drivers.  The Board also authorized the administration to hire a teacher and a paraprofessional for the Guided Learning positions, a nine-month custodial position, and coaching as needed for the coming school year.

North Clay board members also renewed a cooperative agreement with the Flora School District for high school track for the coming school year, and agreed to phase in increased graduation requirements at the high school building.  More information on the beefed-up graduation requirements is available in the new student handbooks.