County Board Establishes Committees and Who Will Head Them


Published on December 10 2012 4:20 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham County Board Monday established nine committees and approved who will head them.  The Board also approved appointments to a number of committees.

County Board Chairman Jim Niemann said the committees include Tax and Finance, Insurance, Legislative, Public Safety, Building and Grounds, Health, Road and Bridge, Reports, and Economic Development.

Niemann initially proposed a separate Personnel Committee, but it was decided to include personnel considerations in the work of the Legislative Committee.

Here's a breakdown of the committees and when they'll meet:

--Tax and Finance Committee of the Whole--Rob Arnold, Chair; Lloyd Foster, Vice-Chair; meets at 2pm the second Thursday

--Insurance Committee--Karen Luchtefeld, Chair; Joe Thoele, Vice-Chair; Jeff Simpson; meets at 2pm the first Tuesday

--Legislative Committee of the Whole--Jim Niemann, Chair; Doug McCain, Vice-Chair; meets at 2pm the second Monday

--Public Safety Committee--Mike Depoister, Chair; Rob Arnold, Vice-Chair; Dave Campbell; meets quarterly after January, April, July and October board meetings

--Building and Grounds Committee--Lloyd Foster, Chair; Karen Luchtefeld, Vice-Chair; Mike Depoister; meets as neede at 2pm on the second Wednesday

--Health Committee--Doug McCain, Chair; Dave Campbell, Vice-Chair; Rob Arnold; meets at 2pm first Wednesday

--Road and Bridge Committee--Joe Thoele, Chair; Mike Depoister, Vice-Chair; Lloyd Foster; meets at 2pm the second and fourth Tuesdays

--Reports Committee--Karen Luchtefeld, Chair; Joe Thoele, Vice-Chair; Lloyd Foster; meets in January and July at 2pm

--Economic Development Committee--Dave Campbell, Chair; Rob Arnold, Vice-Chair; Jeff Simpson; meets at noon each first Tuesday

The Board also approved Board members Jeff Simpson and Jim Niemann to the Airport Commission; Mike Depoister to the 911 Board; Jeff Simpson and Karen Luchtefeld to the Grant Research and Procurement Committee, which Campbell said will be a subcommittee of the Economic Development Committee in hopes of uncovering additional sources of development funding; and Mike Depoister and Doug McCain to the Ambulance Oversight Committee.

Board members also approved appointments to various other boards and committees including Dave Campbell to the Dive Rescue Committee; Karen Luchtefeld to the CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation Board; Sheriff John Monnet, Chief Deputy John Loy, Patrol Sergeant Paul Kuhns, Operations Sergeant Thad Brockett, Detective Corporal Bill Arnold and Patrol Corporal Larry Finfrock as Deputy Liquor Commissioners; Joe Thoele to the Emergency Management Agency Board; Karen Luchtefeld to the 708 Mental Health Board; Ernest Garbe, Mike Brown and Carolyn Willenburg to the South Central Illinois Regional Planning and Development Commission Board; Joe Thoele, Doug McCain and Jeff Simpson to the U of I Extension Board; Angela Fenoglio and Tami Rich to the Ambulance Oversight Committee; and Jim Niemann to the Effingham County Community Development Corporation Board.