Teutopolis Village Board Considers Requests from Wessel


Published on May 22 2017 2:39 pm
Last Updated on May 22 2017 2:39 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Teutopolis Village Board considered three requests from local businessman John Wessel at this month's meeting.

The Board agreed to put concrete in an area on the corner of Main and Pearl in front of Wessel's Grocery to replace some shrubbery that had been in place there, and agreed to review a request to replace sidewalk along Pearl Street along the length of the store property. 

The Board also agreed to amend the hours for liquor sales, allowing sales to begin at 6am on Sundays instead of 8:30am. It's a change to reflect a similar change in hours made by the Effingham County Board for sales in unincorporated areas of the county. The change won't be official until the Village Board votes on an ordinance reflecting the change.

The Board also passed resolutions to close Route 40 for the annual Knights of Columbus Parade, for additional street lighting along Commercial Drive on the village's west side, and for appropriation of $54,000 in Motor Fuel Tax funds for street maintenance work this construction season.

Board members approved a change in the land use ordinance to include group homes in Class R4 zoning, and then amended the zoning ordinance to include group homes in the village owned by Community Support Systems.

The Board also acted on annual appointments of village officials. Those include reappointing Sharon Will as village clerk, Reta Swingler as village treasurer, Tony Esker as building official, Jeff Bushue as police chief, Bill Austin as village attorney, and John Stone as village engineer. Bernie Hartke was appointed to the Board of Appeals to replace Paul Westendorf who resigned, and Dan Hoelscher was retained as chairman. Hartke was named to replace Westendorf, Maurice Schumacher was reappointed, and Dean Pals was named to replace Jerry Brummer on the Plan Commission with Dan Hoelscher succeeding Westendorf as chairman. All members were reappointed to the Revolving Loan Fund Advisory Committee.