Altamont Council Discusses Sewer Project, Hears About CEO


Published on October 10 2012 9:30 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Altamont City Council members are deciding how to undertake a multi-million-dollar sewer improvement project.

Altamont Mayor Larry Taylor and Sewer Commissioner Gerry White said the work is designed to address combined sewers across the city, areas where storm water gets into the sanitary sewer lines.  The EPA said the problem needs to be corrected, but the original engineer's estimate is that it would cost $6,627, 000 to complete the work.

Taylor and White said the engineers are working to streamline the project to lower the cost, but reminded that the EPA still has to be satisfied.

Council members heard from Dick Rhodes and Craig Lindvahl of the Effingham County CEO class, along with Altamont High School students who are part of this year's class.  Following the presentation, the CEO representatives sought financial support for the class.  The Council is expected to vote on the request later this month.

The Council also approved a proposal from the National Road Association of Illinois to locate an information kiosk at the entrance to Gilbert Park.  Altamont officials want to see the design of the kiosk before the project proceeds.

The Altamont Council has also finalized their choice as police chief.  He is Alan Heiens, who has served as interim chief since the departure earlier this year of Kendall Balding.  Heiens has served on the Altamont department for several years.