Heartland Human Services Adds Evening Hours


Published on October 2 2012 11:28 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Heartland Human Services, an Effingham-based behavioral health center, recently announced it will be adding an additional evening of service.

Starting in October Heartland will be open Tuesday and Wednesday evenings until 7:00PM. Master’s level therapists and substance abuse counselors will be available these evenings. Substance Abuse Groups and Anger Management Groups will also be available these evenings.

“This is a direct response to the survey conducted last fall by the Alliance for a Healthier Effingham County,” states Jeff Bloemker, executive director at Heartland. “Via that survey a clear message was sent that the community at large is asking for more convenient hours from health care providers. To us, that translated to more evening hours that will allow working people and families with school-age children the ability to get behavioral issues addressed without interfering with their daily obligations,” Bloemker continued.

Heartland Human Services has been providing psychiatric and counseling services for over 40 years, including depression, anxiety, drug & alcohol dependency, eating disorders, cutting, ADHD/bipolar, grieving, and Alzheimer’s/memory loss. More information can be found at www.heartlandhs.org or by calling 217-347-7179.

Heartland is located at 1200 N. Fourth St., Effingham.