More On Sunday Morning Shooting Incident in Boggsville (ADDING NAMES)


Published on October 1 2012 11:04 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Authorities have released the names of those involved in an early Sunday morning incident in Boggsville that resulted in two individuals receiving gunshot wounds.

Effingham County sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the residence of Shannon Harris at 9212 North 1000th Road, also known as Funkhouser Road, at 4:25am Sunday.  The sheriff's department's preliminary investigation has determined that 23-year-old Shane Gephart of Effingham was shot with a 22-caliber rifle, suffering an injury that authorities say is not considered life-threatening at this time.

Also found at the scene was 20-year-old Byron Mesnard who also lives at the Harris residence and is Shannon Harris' son.  Mesnard suffered serious injuries from an apparent low-caliber projectile wound.

Authorities at one point were searching for another individual, identified as Brandi Arnold, but she was eventually found inside the house.  She was not wounded. 

Effingham County Sheriff John Monnet said today, "Our investigation is preliminary and ongoing.  We are confident in the direction of our investigation, and that any criminally responsible party is under medical care at this time.  We are constantly monitoring the medical circumstances and progress of both individuals.  We expect that criminal charges will be forthcoming upon the completion of our investigation, and some resolution of the medical issues involving both parties."

Monnet said at the scene Sunday that a preliminary investigation indicated that one of the men shot the other man and then shot himself.

Gephart and Mesnard were both taken for treatment.  Mesnard is a patient at Carle Hospital in Urbana; Gephart was initially taken to St. Anthony's Memorial Hospital in Effingham.