Illinois News Roundup for August 30


Published on August 30 2012 10:56 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

>>Madigan Puts Gas Stations On Notice

(Chicago, IL)  --  Attorney General Lisa Madigan is keeping a close eye on gas station across the state, making sure they're not unfairly boosting prices as remnants of tropical storm Isaac move this way.  Any price increase will be looked at very closely to determine whether they are justified by a spike in wholesale prices or the result of illegal gas gouging.  The price of gas has gone up over the past week because gulf coast oil refineries shut down as Isaac approached.  The price hikes come just in time for Labor Day weekend, when many drivers will hit the road for the holiday.


>>Madigan To Meet With BP Officials

(Chicago, IL)  --  Attorney General Lisa Madigan is meeting with BP officials this week to get to the bottom of the situation with the tainted gas.  Three hundred stations in Illinois received the tainted gas, which left millions of drivers stranded.  The bad gas caused mechanical problems with their vehicles and many were left with big repair bills.  Madigan says she wants to make sure anyone who was affected by the bad gas gets a full reimbursement for their troubles.  Anyone who needs to file a claim or get more information can call 800-599-9040.


>> Comptroller Responds To Credit Downgrade

(Springfield, IL)  --  Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says it's disappointing that Illinois has received another credit downgrade.  She says it highlights the importance of addressing Illinois' massive fiscal challenges.  Topinka says it's time for Governor Quinn to sit down with legislative leaders and even some labor leaders in order to address the problem.  Standard & Poor's lowered Illinois' rating from A-plus to A yesterday, citing the state's inability to resolve its 83-billion dollar pension liability as one of the reasons for the downgrade.


>>Teen Brings Toy Gun To School

(Alton, IL)  --  A student at Alton High School could face disciplinary action after allegedly bringing a toy gun to school.  An investigation began toward the end of the day Tuesday after a student reported seeing a weapon in another student's book bag.  School officials worked with the Madison County Sheriff's Office to identify the student.  The fake gun was discovered during a search of the teenager's home.  School officials sent out a phone message to all parents even though authorities say students were never in danger.  They say the student never made any threats and he had no intent to harm anyone.


>>Longest Serving Prisoner Wants Out

(Pinckneyville, IL)  --  He may very well be Illinois' longest serving prisoner but now Chester Weger says he wants out.  The "Southern Illinoisan" reports Weger has filed a request to be set free from the prison in Pinckneyville.  He was convicted 51 years ago and sentenced to life in prison for murdering a woman at the Starved Rock state park.  Weger worked at the park at the time but says he wasn't there when the murder happened.  He's been denied parole 16 times in the past.  The Prisoner Review Board will make a decision on Weger's status sometime in September or October.