Friday's Illinois News Roundup


Published on August 17 2012 6:28 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Ex-Congressman Visits IL Politician Jackson At Mayo

(Chicago, IL) -- A former U.S. Representative from Rhode Island makes a surprise visit to Chicago-area lawmaker Jesse Jackson Junior inside the Minnesota clinic where he's being treated for a case of depression. A spokesperson from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota confirms Patrick Kennedy stopped there to meet with the son of Reverend Jesse Jackson in private. Kennedy is a former Democratic Congressman known for struggles with addiction and bipolar depression. Kennedy now serves in an advocacy role on behalf of people with mental health issues. Jackson came under scrutiny in June for taking time away from his elected position until it was just recently revealed that he's at Mayo Clinic undergoing treatment.

State Republicans Tear Into Quinn At Fair Gathering

(Springfield, IL) -- Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is the target of some not-so good-natured ribbing before a crowd of Republicans Thursday at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield.  The "Journal-Register" says members of Illinois' GOP quote "took turns" poking fun at the Democratic Governor over his so-called shaky performance at the fair one day earlier. State union members booed Quinn unmercifully on Wednesday over proposed cuts in wages and pensions. They also made fun of Quinn's gaffe involving President Obama who the Governor mistakenly said was "dead" when he meant Osama bin Laden.

Feds Release Warning In Wake Of IL Megabus Wreck

An emergency bulletin is announced as a warning in connection with the recent deadly Megabus accident in Illinois. The "Tribune" says the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is warning that fully-loaded double-decker buses may quote "overload tires outside the suggested weight limit." A crash involving one of these Megabuses earlier this month in the southern Illinois town of Litchfield resulted in one person's death. State investigators believe the crash was due to a blown-out tire.      

Ex-Bear 'Mongo' McMichael Plans Mayoral Campaign

(Chicago, IL) -- Former Bears great Steve "Mongo" McMichael says he is seriously considering a campaign to become the mayor of a Chicago suburb. Speaking to the "Sun-Times" the onetime Super Bowl-champion said he plans to run for the mayorship in the town of Romeoville where he's co-owner of a sports bar. McMichael says he was driven to get into politics because of conversations he has with customers about problems in his local district. The former professional wrestler also said he doesn't think his lack of political experience should diminish his chances of being elected.