Illinois News Roundup for August 2


Published on August 2 2012 6:21 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

>>No Taxes On Olympic Earnings

(Washington, DC)  --  American athletes earn thousands in prize money when they medal in the Olympics and now, one Illinois congressman wants their winnings to be tax exempt.  Congressman Aaron Schock has introduced The Olympic Tax Elimination Act, which would stop the IRS from taking 35-percent of the payout.  Gold medalists earn 25-grand while silver and bronze medalists earn 15- and ten-grand respectively.  Schock says the tax penalizes the athletes and calls it a prime example of why the nation's tax code needs to be changed.


>>Employers Banned From Obtaining Social Media Information

(Chicago, IL)  --  A new law protects the privacy of Illinois workers and job applicants by banning employers from asking for the passwords to social media accounts.  The move is designed to keep workers from being reprimanded over something they've posted on their personal pages.  It also keeps employers from screening job applicants and making a hiring decision based on the profiles.  The new law goes into effect January 1st and does not prevent employers from using information on accounts that aren't set to private.


>>Toyota Recalls Nearly 800-Thousand Vehicles

(New York, NY)  --  Toyota is recalling 2006 through 2011 Rav4 SUV's and 2010 Lexus HS 250h's.  Officials say the nuts on the rear suspension arms aren't properly tightened and if they aren't fixed, they could separate and cause a crash.  So far nine crashes and three minor injuries have resulted from the issue.  Owners of these vehicles will receive information in the mail on where and when their vehicle can be repaired.


>>Most All Illinois Counties Deemed Disaster Areas

(Chicago, IL)  --  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has declared 98 of the state's 102 counties as disaster areas.  A combination of extremely hot and dry weather has stunted crop development across the state, especially in corn.  Conditions are most critical in southern Illinois.  Farmers who believe they may be eligible for assistance should contact their county Farm Service Agency offices.


>>Congressman Schock To Host Ag Summit

(Peoria, IL)  --  Congressman Aaron Schock is hosting an Agricultural summit next Tuesday at Lincoln College in Lincoln, Illinois.  He calls it an opportunity for ag interests to come together and discuss key issues facing the industry, like drought conditions, flooding, and government regulations.  Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Congressman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma, will also be attending the event.  Seating is limited but you can reserve your spot by calling (309) 671-7027.


>>IL GOP Leaders Oppose Chicago's Stance

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Attorney General of Illinois receives a complaint from Republicans condemning Chicago's hardline stance on area fast-food chain Chik-fil-A.  The head of the group Chicago Republicans filed a civil rights complaint yesterday charging Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno of intimidating business owners and violating the rights of Chik-fil-A's owner to voice his views on same-sex marriage.  Chris Cleveland contends the city of Chicago has threatened to block the company from opening a new store.


>>IL Horse Rescue Needs Help During Drought

(Will County, IL)  --  Officials from an Illinois center for rehabilitating equines say humans aren't the only ones being hurt by the state's terrible drought conditions.  Illinois Horse Rescue in Will County says it's seeing an increased number of horses abandoned by their owners because the drought is causing prices of hay to skyrocket.  In some cases hay is being sold at triple the normal price.  If you can donate hay or money to the rescue go online to for information.