Fritcher Anticipates No Cuts to Curricular Instruction at Teutopolis Next Year


Published on March 17 2014 10:39 pm
Last Updated on March 17 2014 10:39 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Teutopolis Superintendent Bill Fritcher told his Board of Education Monday night that he anticipates no cuts to curricular instruction for next school year.

Fritcher is anticipating $105,000 less in the Education Fund for 2014 and $117,000 less in 2015, but said moving some salaries to the Operations and Maintenance Fund, such as those paid to custodial help, will lighten the load.  He said a teacher retiring at Teutopolis Grade School should be replaced, but asked the Board to reduce the workload of German teacher Phil Lewis at Teutopolis High School since very few students are signed up to take German 1, 2 and 3 next year including just three for German 1 and three for German 3.

There are some variables yet to be determined.  Those are: how much money will be coming from Springfield, will the temporary income tax increase be extended, and how much will the district realize from an increase in its equalized assessed value.  

The governor's budget message later this month might contain some clues, but Fritcher said there are rumors Governor Quinn will only propose a six-month budget.  Fritcher also said 81 students are registered for Kindergarten next year, so he wants to go from three to four sections of Kindergarten for the year.

Fritcher also reported the district is receiving a $26,000 grant for safety improvements.  The funds will be used to install security doors at Teutopolis Grade School that will direct visitors to the school office.

Fritcher also reported on the major water leak at Teutopolis High School due to an ice-clogged drain on the roof that forced runoff into building in the area around J.H. Griffin Gym.